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Stephan Simmons
United Kingdom
I am errr, whatever I am.
I am not a great artist, but i can draw.
I am not so great at English, so deal with it
I am Mechanical Engineering Student, not artist
Story Time! (sorry about my English :P)

The story of Tundeath Village

By Stephan Simmons

We are going to the future, year 2287 and we will tell the story of Tundeath. There is a village called Tundeath, it is quite large, about 500 people live there and they are all dead expect one little boy.

A man, called Ben drove through Tundeath and his car got broke down and he didn't know where he was. He called his friend named Jake, to pick him up but Jake was busy. He was very frightened because he cannot see anyone or hear, he shouted but no-one replied. He went to the shop and found a dead body and the dead body had been ripped apart. But there was a note on his hand and it said there was a giant ghost coming because his food was spinning around but no-one was in the shop. The sliding doors opened and closed like someone had walked in through them. Then he walked to the church and heard a voice and which said "go to the lab and you will find..." He shouted but nothing, he needed to go the laboratory but why he needed to go the laboratory and where is the laboratory. He did not know!

Next to the house, there was a shed that the door was open, so he walked to the shed and found another dead body with a Ghostbusters gun. On the floor, there was another note and it said "I just made a Ghostbusters gun but I do not know how it works. No, no ah the ghost is going to eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" There was blood on the note, and he thought how the ghost had sacred the person and who was the ghost? Ben took the Ghostbusters gun and walked out the laboratory, and he saw one of the ghosts. It looked like an old man with his shoes. Ben shot his Ghostbusters gun but he was too late, the ghost had escaped. He looked around and found a secret message but he could not read it because the writing was very bad. So he ignored the message and walked to another house which was not damaged. There he saw two ghosts who looked like they loved each other, they went into the house. He thought how the ghosts loved each other and wondered what sort of place was this. So he entered the house but the ghost had disappeared and there was another note but this time, it said "meet me at the church and bring your gun." The ink was not dry, it was still wet so it looked like there was a survivor.

Ben walked to the church but the ghost was blocking his way. He got his gun ready but the ghost shouted "wait, I can tell you where you are."
Ben said "Where am I? What do you want and what is your name?"
The ghost said "My name is Mr Wall and you are in Tundeath, the most deathly place in the entire world. All the people who live here had been killed by the King Ghost."
Ben said "Who the King Ghost and why did he kill all the people?"
Mr Wall said "The King Ghost had no name and he killed all the people because he needed an army to take over the world. Do not go to the church, that was where the King Ghost lived!"
"Then it is man vs. King Ghost," Said Ben, looking frightened.

Mr Wall had disappeared so Ben walked to the church and he saw ...oh wait, it just a rat. He carried on walking and he opened the door, very careful, shaking. When he finished opening the door, he saw lots of ghost and in the middle, there was the King Ghost. He ran to a place where he could hide and listened to what the King Ghost was saying but he could not understand because the language was different to English. It was a ghost language but he had never heard a ghost language. He looked around the church and thought what are they doing? Ben saw Mr Wall but what was he doing in there. He tried to walk out the church but the door had been blocked by the ghost so he needed to find another way out. He discovered the tunnel, the tunnel was quiet warm, it was very bright with ghostly bright light from many candles. He did not know what it lead. He entered the tunnel and later on, he found two paths, but he did not know which one is the way out so he took the right tunnel and it lead to outside. He felt pleased and relieved to escape from the ghosts.

He waited for Mr Wall to come outside. About hour later, Mr Wall came out and Ben said to Mr Wall "what was all that about?"
Mr Wall said "We are moving to the next village and the village is called Tavnook."
Ben said "That is where my friend lives, do not go there!" Then Ben's phone rang, it was too loud, the King Ghost heard it.  Mr Wall disappeared in the thin air so Ben ran quickly into one of the houses. The King Ghost came out of the church and looked around saying "%£$%FDST£Q$SBNEY^£DC"£GRH^$WRW£YRB" Then the King Ghost disappeared again. Ben walked out of the house and looked around saying "How am I going to kill the King Ghost?"

Then a paper plane flew around and landed on Ben's head. Ben took the paper plane off his head and found writing on it, it said "Meet me in the house that next to shed where you found Ghostbusters gun." Ben walked to the house that was next to shed and went into the house. Then he saw a toy that was switched on, Ben thought some one lives here, why have they left the toy on? He walked up stairs and looked around. Then he saw the bedroom door was opening slowly, he got his gun ready, but it was just a little boy. Ben asked "who are you and why are you here?"
The little boy said "My name is Tavi and I am the only survivor because I have escaped from the ghost."
"How have you escaped from the ghost" said Ben
Tavi said "I don't know, just luck or ghost didn't see me."
Ben said "ok, come with me, I have to kill the King Ghost."
Tavi said "then you need a better gun than that. I know how to kill a King Ghost."
Ben said "How?"
Tavi said "Well, the King Ghost have got a shield around his body, so the Ghostbusters gun won't work. But there is a tunnel that leads two ways, you need to take the left tunnel. If you take the left tunnel, it leads to the ghost laboratory. One of the switches will shut down the King Ghost's shield."
"Oh man, I have to go back to the church which is full of ghosts, well I can take the tunnel that is outside."  

He walked to the church and he realise that his phone was ringing so he checked who it was and it was Jake so he sent a text to Jake and entered the tunnel that was outside. He was frightened and again he was shaking, he felt he was all alone. Then he saw that now there was three different ways ands he didn't know which way so he took the right way and it lead to a dead end. Then he turned back and took the middle way which was very dark and wet with lots of sticky, large cobwebs with a lot of dead insects. The cobwebs stuck on his face and his body and the insects crawled on his hands. He managed to get to the end of the tunnel and he saw the ghost laboratory with one friendly ghost that he had met before. Mr Wall said "What are you doing here and what do you want?"
Ben said "I have come to shut down the King Ghost shield, will you help me?"
Mr Wall said "I would like to but I need a human body."
Ben said "OK, you can use my body."
Mr Wall said "thank you." Ben trusted Mr Wall, so Ben shut down the shield and walked out of the laboratory and entered the chapel but he can not see the King Ghost.
Ben said to Mr Wall "Where is the King Ghost?"
Mr Wall said "I do not know, maybe he is outside." Ben walked to outside and still, no King Ghost so Ben said "That is weird, the King Ghost can't just have gone unless he had gone to another village, am I right?"
Mr Wall said "No, you are not right, he had not gone to village, he had not trained his army." Ben wondered where the King Ghost have gone to, he looked around but nothing and also he can not find Tavi, he shouted to Tavi but nothing. He wondered where Tavi had gone and he thought that maybe King Ghost have taken Tavi, he said "Oh no, the king have taken a little boy to …"
Mr Wall said "What, Oh no, he has not entered…"
Ben and Mr Wall said, as the same time "the underground station." Ben ask to Mr Wall "Where the underground Station?"
Mr Wall said "It is just next to the school with a big sign." So Ben walked to the school with a big sign and the letters from big sign were flying around.
Ben said "Yep, there are ghosts in the underground station." Then the letters dropped down and Mr Wall said "They have found us, quickly, hide in the school and I will enter your body to hide."
Ben ran to the school and looked though the window and saw what they were doing. Then the ghosts just disappeared for no reason and Ben thought why have the ghosts disappeared? Ben looked around the school and saw what they had got. He walked around the school and found a staircase leading to the underground station and he thought why does a school need an underground station? He walked down the stair and entered the underground station but it was too dark to see so he switched the light on but it was not a normal underground station, there was paint around the room and it looked like a plan to get rid of the King Ghost. He read the plan but the paint was dripping because the paint was not dry. Who have painted this? There was a door that was covered in paint and it lead to another laboratory, but this time, all the stuff was like a ghost, he could not touch anything and so Mr Wall can not touch them. Ben found the switch and it said turn the ghost stuff off so he turned the ghost stuff off and it disappeared and then he saw another door which he entered, it lead to the ghost chapel.  Ben quickly found a place to hide, he hid behind the big rock and looked at all the ghosts.

Then the King Ghost come through the door and next to him was Tavi but why was he next to King Ghost? Then, Tavi stood on the table and gave his soul to King Ghost so Ben got his gun ready and aimed at the King Ghost. But the King Ghost was getting bigger and stronger so Ben shot at the King Ghost but it did not work. The King Ghost looked at Ben who quickly ran to the tunnel and this tunnel was the same as the first church tunnel which was too bright and too warm and lead outside to the school.  

He walked to the school and saw lots of ghosts so he hide behind the school wall and listened to what they saying. They were speaking in English and said "Find that boy who was shooting the King Ghost and bring him to the King Ghost, alive"
The other ghost said "OK!"
Ben was on the wanted list for ghosts so he needed a plan to need stay away from the ghosts. Then Mr Wall arrived and he said "Do not hide in the house but there is a plan for you to stay away from ghost, you need to hide in the house by the field."
Ben said "Where is the field?"
Mr Wall said "Behind you."
Ben turned around and there was a field with two houses. So he walked to the field and entered one of the houses. He switched on the light and saw a phone so he tried to call the police but he could not. He looked outside and saw the phone lines had being cut. He walked back to the house and looked around the house but this house just had a chair, a table and a phone. He walked to the next house but it was the same as the other house. He looked at the two houses, one of them was different so he moved the second house's chair then it felt like an earthquake but it was not, it was the field opening up and something came up. It was a big version of Ghostbusters gun but there was a missing part and he did not know what it was.  So he walked to one of the houses and there was a note on the table and it said the missing part is the smaller version of the Ghostbusters gun so he picked his gun up from the floor and placed it on the big version of Ghostbusters gun. Then he got a call from Jake who said "Where are you? Why is there a big gun on the field?"
Ben said "I am on the field, next to the big gun and be careful of the ghost."
Jake said "hmm, ok I will be careful of the ghost!"
Ben said "oh, go around the town, not through the town."
Jake said "OK, I will go around the town."

Later on Jake arrived in the field and looked at the big gun. He said "that is one big gun, mate. So what happened?"
Ben said "Well, it is going be a long story, mate."
Jake said "OK, best not to listen to the long story."
So Ben got the big gun ready while Jake watched Ben building the gun. When the gun was ready, he aimed it at Tundeath village but suddenly Ben and Jake had a flashback. It was Tundeath before the ghost attacked the village. Jake said "what day are we?" The newspaper flew around and Ben caught it. He said "The day that the ghost attacked this village on Friday 13th November 2287."
Jake said "How you know that?"
Ben said "Because there a ghost behind us."
Jake said "Ahhhhhhhhhh, a ghost!"
Ben said "It's alright, they can't see us."
Jake said "Oh, in your face, ghost."
Ben and Jake turned around and watched Tundeath being taken down by the ghost. At the same time, Ben and Jake murmured "God bless them." Then they went back to their time and Mr Wall appeared and said "I must go back to the village and be really."
Jake said "Wait a minute, why is that ghost in your body?"
Ben said "Long story. And OK, Mr Wall, you can go and thank you for all you help. But there is one question, what your first name?"
Mr Wall replied "It is Jordan."
Then Mr Wall disappeared and Ben said "So long, Jordan and God bless you." So Ben got the gun ready and aimed it at Tundeath and pushed the button. The gun was charging up and the electricity was all around and bam, through Tundeath and all the ghosts flew up and went ka-boom.  All the little parts flew around and land all over the ground. It was all over, there were no more ghosts and no more King Ghost. Ben shut down the gun and walked away with Jake. They got into Jake's car and drove away from Tundeath and they never came back. But what about Tavi, did Tavi survive the gun or did he die? Then someone ran out of the underground station and it was Tavi who had the King Ghosts power so it not over yet…

The End Of Part 1


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